Aion KTZ Bot Codes


Bots bots bots. Its all about the Aion Bots! After a long wait the ktz codes are almost ready for release. A very exciting time for some as the bot has been in heavy development from the word go. But this week they are releasing the monthy recharge cards. The Official Aion KTZ website is now online, still under contruction but the forums are up and running. They will be selling EU/US bot codes and will provide a safe and helpful service. So go and check it out while we count down the final days.

Gladiator Class Guide

The gladiator is one of the most defensive classes in game (but less than templars). This class usually serving as a back up class to templars or sustained medium DPS. Gladiators wear plate armor which means his defence is really high. Although both classes can serve as tanks the Templar is a better tank.

A gladiator is based on HP not on MP, that's the reason why it has a large amount of hp and a really small one of mp. A gladiator can fight as long as it has hp because it doesn't require much mp to fight, Its a real advantage.

This character can survive in well in partys but also is able to solo. One of the most wanted classes especially in important partys looking to tackle something big.

Its faster to fight in party mode to gain xp faster due to the DPS of a gladiator isnt that high.

In PvP the gladiator has real problems in beating up any mage class because of the high DPS that those classes have. If the mage can keep the distance between him and the gladiator then the mage wins the fight. Although this doesnt mean that the gladiator is a weak class.

Positive Attributes
They have high defence and HP meaning they can last longer hence the name tank. Always wanted in partys as a back-up or main tanker. Suitable for solo and party fighting.

Negative Attributes
Low/ Medium DPS compared to a sorcerer. Doesnt have long range attacks and can be deafeated easily via long range attacks.

Cleric Class Guide

The Cleric class is one of the most essential classes in game. Without the you would find it difficult to see some of the most exciting parts of the game. A good cleric has to know how to use the skills of his class. This character is based on 3 activities: heal, resurrect and cure harmful effects. Of course they can fight too. It is better to join a party when you have a cleric character and let the others fight while you take care of other aspects.

The cleric's healing skills are the most appreciated, but also the resurrection skill. But the job doesnt go without its difficulty. If they cleric doesn't pay attention they may find their whole party dead within minutes.

The cleric decides if the party survives or not. Both, the cleric and the chanter are priests but there are some differences between this two classes. The cleric's healing skills are much more powerful then the chanter's and besides that only the cleric can handle a large party in which members take high damage from the monsters.

Positive Attributes
The Cleric can heal and buff themselves not just others around them. In pvp the cleric can spam healing skills to keep their party alive. Increasing your chances of winning the wars you may decide to take part in.

Negative Attributes
Of course with any priest there will be a lot of MP consumption so you are relying on potions to get you through. Other members will die without your help in partys so there is a big duty resting on your shoulders. You are also prone to more attacks - you heal the class and keep them alive without you they would die so its only common sence to take out clerics and chanters first.

Assassin Class Guide

The Assasin is one of the main killer classes in game. They have the highest DPS at close range fights and their main ability is stealth therefore one good strategy for assassin is to approach your target while hidden and then hit it hard and fast. They have stun attacks, poison attacks and their primary weapons are daggers and swords.
Assassins have the best evasion skill in the game but when they actually get hit they receive tons of damage. Leveling rate in Aion while playing the assassin is moderate. You will not level as fast as a sorcerer but not as slow as a cleric for example.

The Assassin in Aion is an offensive class, with high DPS and surprise attacks. Another good ability for the assassin is the counter-attacks. After you receive a direct hit, you can perform good counter-atack skills. In extreme cases you can become a secondary tank thanks to your evasion skill but you need a good healer as backup.

Assasin's main weakness is the armour types available for them. Only cloth and leather. But this is compensated by their insane evasion skill. When you attack a mob you must do it from the back because of your backstab skill and the crit rate. In group this is very easy but when you play solo this can become a problem.

Positive Attributes

The Assasin has very high melee DPS and the highest crit rates in the game at melee range. Their Suprise attacks make them both deadly in PVP and PVE. With a high evasion skill and good counter-attacks they are a fun class to play.

Negative Attributes

You are more likely to get killed in pvp without a healer due to your weak armor. Assasins take a lot of damage aswell as giving it out. Your stealth ability can be detected making you weak on close range.

Ranger Class Guide

The ranger is a very important class within the game. They have long range attacks preventing much damage to them and also can continue firing targets as they run/move away. They are very powerful against melee attacks hardly use their MP and can plant traps.
The ranger is a very useful class within partys for its nice skills and fast attacks. Its also cheaper to use rather than a spiritmaster/templar due to lack of useage of MP.

Although with all classes there are disadvantages. Due to the long ranged attacks these require arrows etc and can be costly. You have to keep a distance between you and the enemy to fight to reduce the damage you take. Unfortunately you dont have as many character control skills.

One big difference between the ranger and the assasin is the fact that the assassin is stronger in short range attacks, and the ranger is much more powerful in long range attacks.

The ranger class is a complicated and hard to play but i think this makes it much more interesting. The ranger is based on long range attacks, because it has equipped a bow. This is a positive thing because the ranger can cause some damage before the opponent/mob reaches him.

In PvE, the ranger can fight in both modes: solo and party. It is much better to play in party mode, but it is ok to fight alone too. It depends on you . If you don't want to share any drops of yours with others, it is better to play solo.
Once you seek the higher levels you will notice a difference.

Sorcerer Class Guide

One of the sorcerer's primary advantage is the fact that they deal with large amounts of damage to mobs and other players. Also, the mage has DOTS (Damage Over Time Skills) that increases the damage rate. Though the mage can deal great damage to others there are some weak points too.
Firstly the sorcerer's defense rate is decreased because of the cloth wearing and because the mage cannot equip a shield.

They are still a powerful character as long as the distance Is kept between him and the opponent, letting the DOTS work. The nukes of the sorcerer deal real damage and are much more stonger than the spiritmaster's. The sorcerer is based on the elements of life, mostly on fire and water but also on earth and wind.

Positive Attributes

They have high DPS and long range shots. A very independent class with effective skills. Very offensive class.

Negative Attributes

They can't last long during close range combat and require lots of mp potions.
Has a weak defence rate and cannot wear a shield.

Proffesion wise if you couldnt have guessed are cooking and alchemy. Cooking is useful for making food which can be used to receive buffs. Alchemy is good for producing mana potions.The sorcerer's mana consumption is high, and so the alchemy is one of the best proffesions.

Spiritmaster Class Guide

The spiritmaster is based on the 4 elements of life: water, fire, earth and wind. Exactly like the sorcerer but there are some huge differences between the two classes.
The spiritmasters attacks mostly include DOTs (Damage over time) and also some nukes. Although their nukes aren't that powerful as the sorcerer's, the effect can still be seen.

A spiritmaster is a summoner, meaning that they usually have a kind of pet with them during battle.This class can only summon one of the 4 spirits at a time, depending on the combat type. Some spirits are based more on DPS (Damage per second) attacks, others are based much more on tanking. The player has to choose the right one between the creatures.

The spiritmaster relies on mp just like the sorcerer. This two classes consume a lot mp and money too, but the leveling is a lot quicker like this.

A skilled player which knows how to use the skills of the spiritmaster can beat most of the classes in aion. A stealthy assassin can easily kill a spiritmaster, because of the low defence that this class has. The spiritmasters wear cloth making it one of the most offensive classes. But with the help of a good pet this character can survive.

In PvE a spiritmaster has no problem killing mobs. Choosing the right pet does the whole job. And because of this fact their hp hardly decreases. They have good skills to give their pet extra hp and defence from the brutality of them being on the front line. The combination of pet and master is indeed very strong.

As for proffesions cooking and alchemy are essential. Cooking is very useful in making food which serves as a buffing mode. Alchemy can be used to make mp potions.And also a good player can earn some money this way.

The spiritmasters are a well balanced class. And neither positives outweigh the negatvies.