Aion Voices

I just found the latest addition to the hacking world. The new NPC Voices pack from Gamexploits

This is a file for the non-english servers.

You can read all text, quests, npc diaglog In english. You can also hear all the NPC's too!

Find the NPC Voices pack here

English Maps

Asmodae Altgard

Here Is a map for Aion If you would like to see more of these visit
Gamexploits and look for English Aion Maps.

Confirmed Working Bot!


Finally I came across a working aion bot. Ive seen some really positive feedback from It. Its origionally a chinese bot but Its been translatated. Ive found It very useful and figured you might too!
I would also like to point out that the bot is free to view! You dont actually have to subscribe to anything on the site.

I found the bot at Gamexploits under the Gamexploits Bots section.