A few updates


Recent additions I have noticed are a few Aion Cheats and also a brand new Aion bot!

Although this bot is apparently for the EU & US servers, Im sure its going to be great. Its not as advanced as the other Aion Bot posted on the site but simplicity isnt always a bad thing.

A couple features on the bot:
-target mobs and kill them
-heal your char
-looking around for mobs

Aion Bot

I know the creator is looking to update it into something more advanced but enjoy it while you can!

Heres the download link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WTQUFNZW

Source:Aion Bot v0.2

Altgarde Fortress Shortcut

I recently added a little shortcut for Altgarde Fortress. Its only a small Aion Exploit but Im sure it will come in useful. To see the full post please visit Gamexploits and look for Altgarde Fortress Shortcut.