Where to get Aion Kinah?

I was kinda bummed out about how slow it is to earn any kinah in aion. I thought as a change I'd buy some just for the hell of it. Turns out it was the best decision to do.

I really recommend if you are short on kinah heading over to tcigame.com for your Aion Kinah.

They are fast efficient and most of all the cheapest! I know gold sites are not always peoples preference but I can assure it's a safe site with fast delivery and a really good service.

They are the cheapest in the industry, guaranteed, because they do not advertise on things such as Google Adwords, so they can afford the cheapest Aion Kinah.


Aion Exploits - The Aion Cheats Community

There's a new Aion forum on the block and it's not just any Aion forum. This new community website is aimed at all the people looking for and conjuring Aion Cheats.

AionExploits.com is the new Aion cheat community pioneering the elite players in Aion.

As always, this blog will keep you up to date of all the latest juicy Aion Guides and other such things
But why not give AionExploits.com a try? I'm registered on there as JustFairy!