Assassin Class Guide


The Assasin is one of the main killer classes in game. They have the highest DPS at close range fights and their main ability is stealth therefore one good strategy for assassin is to approach your target while hidden and then hit it hard and fast. They have stun attacks, poison attacks and their primary weapons are daggers and swords.
Assassins have the best evasion skill in the game but when they actually get hit they receive tons of damage. Leveling rate in Aion while playing the assassin is moderate. You will not level as fast as a sorcerer but not as slow as a cleric for example.

The Assassin in Aion is an offensive class, with high DPS and surprise attacks. Another good ability for the assassin is the counter-attacks. After you receive a direct hit, you can perform good counter-atack skills. In extreme cases you can become a secondary tank thanks to your evasion skill but you need a good healer as backup.

Assasin's main weakness is the armour types available for them. Only cloth and leather. But this is compensated by their insane evasion skill. When you attack a mob you must do it from the back because of your backstab skill and the crit rate. In group this is very easy but when you play solo this can become a problem.

Positive Attributes

The Assasin has very high melee DPS and the highest crit rates in the game at melee range. Their Suprise attacks make them both deadly in PVP and PVE. With a high evasion skill and good counter-attacks they are a fun class to play.

Negative Attributes

You are more likely to get killed in pvp without a healer due to your weak armor. Assasins take a lot of damage aswell as giving it out. Your stealth ability can be detected making you weak on close range.