Cleric Class Guide


The Cleric class is one of the most essential classes in game. Without the you would find it difficult to see some of the most exciting parts of the game. A good cleric has to know how to use the skills of his class. This character is based on 3 activities: heal, resurrect and cure harmful effects. Of course they can fight too. It is better to join a party when you have a cleric character and let the others fight while you take care of other aspects.

The cleric's healing skills are the most appreciated, but also the resurrection skill. But the job doesnt go without its difficulty. If they cleric doesn't pay attention they may find their whole party dead within minutes.

The cleric decides if the party survives or not. Both, the cleric and the chanter are priests but there are some differences between this two classes. The cleric's healing skills are much more powerful then the chanter's and besides that only the cleric can handle a large party in which members take high damage from the monsters.

Positive Attributes
The Cleric can heal and buff themselves not just others around them. In pvp the cleric can spam healing skills to keep their party alive. Increasing your chances of winning the wars you may decide to take part in.

Negative Attributes
Of course with any priest there will be a lot of MP consumption so you are relying on potions to get you through. Other members will die without your help in partys so there is a big duty resting on your shoulders. You are also prone to more attacks - you heal the class and keep them alive without you they would die so its only common sence to take out clerics and chanters first.