Sorcerer Class Guide


One of the sorcerer's primary advantage is the fact that they deal with large amounts of damage to mobs and other players. Also, the mage has DOTS (Damage Over Time Skills) that increases the damage rate. Though the mage can deal great damage to others there are some weak points too.
Firstly the sorcerer's defense rate is decreased because of the cloth wearing and because the mage cannot equip a shield.

They are still a powerful character as long as the distance Is kept between him and the opponent, letting the DOTS work. The nukes of the sorcerer deal real damage and are much more stonger than the spiritmaster's. The sorcerer is based on the elements of life, mostly on fire and water but also on earth and wind.

Positive Attributes

They have high DPS and long range shots. A very independent class with effective skills. Very offensive class.

Negative Attributes

They can't last long during close range combat and require lots of mp potions.
Has a weak defence rate and cannot wear a shield.

Proffesion wise if you couldnt have guessed are cooking and alchemy. Cooking is useful for making food which can be used to receive buffs. Alchemy is good for producing mana potions.The sorcerer's mana consumption is high, and so the alchemy is one of the best proffesions.