Ranger Class Guide


The ranger is a very important class within the game. They have long range attacks preventing much damage to them and also can continue firing targets as they run/move away. They are very powerful against melee attacks hardly use their MP and can plant traps.
The ranger is a very useful class within partys for its nice skills and fast attacks. Its also cheaper to use rather than a spiritmaster/templar due to lack of useage of MP.

Although with all classes there are disadvantages. Due to the long ranged attacks these require arrows etc and can be costly. You have to keep a distance between you and the enemy to fight to reduce the damage you take. Unfortunately you dont have as many character control skills.

One big difference between the ranger and the assasin is the fact that the assassin is stronger in short range attacks, and the ranger is much more powerful in long range attacks.

The ranger class is a complicated and hard to play but i think this makes it much more interesting. The ranger is based on long range attacks, because it has equipped a bow. This is a positive thing because the ranger can cause some damage before the opponent/mob reaches him.

In PvE, the ranger can fight in both modes: solo and party. It is much better to play in party mode, but it is ok to fight alone too. It depends on you . If you don't want to share any drops of yours with others, it is better to play solo.
Once you seek the higher levels you will notice a difference.