Gladiator Class Guide


The gladiator is one of the most defensive classes in game (but less than templars). This class usually serving as a back up class to templars or sustained medium DPS. Gladiators wear plate armor which means his defence is really high. Although both classes can serve as tanks the Templar is a better tank.

A gladiator is based on HP not on MP, that's the reason why it has a large amount of hp and a really small one of mp. A gladiator can fight as long as it has hp because it doesn't require much mp to fight, Its a real advantage.

This character can survive in well in partys but also is able to solo. One of the most wanted classes especially in important partys looking to tackle something big.

Its faster to fight in party mode to gain xp faster due to the DPS of a gladiator isnt that high.

In PvP the gladiator has real problems in beating up any mage class because of the high DPS that those classes have. If the mage can keep the distance between him and the gladiator then the mage wins the fight. Although this doesnt mean that the gladiator is a weak class.

Positive Attributes
They have high defence and HP meaning they can last longer hence the name tank. Always wanted in partys as a back-up or main tanker. Suitable for solo and party fighting.

Negative Attributes
Low/ Medium DPS compared to a sorcerer. Doesnt have long range attacks and can be deafeated easily via long range attacks.